Membership Requirements



33rd Signal Construction Battalion WW2 Reenactors have a few requirements in order to become a member.  First you have to be dedicated to preserving history of the American Signal Corps soldier.  Second when in uniform you must maintain proper military bearing and appearance of a soldier (this means haircut, shave and personal bearing) Next you always have to strive to improve your personal impression and the impression of the unit.  Lastly you must have fun.

When you join the 33rd Signal Construction Battalion you will be on probationary status and paired with a sponsor.  This sponsor will be your guide to what to buy and what not to (so you don’t waste money on the wrong kind of gear) and he will answer any questions you have.  Also this sponsor will evaluate you to ensure that you are the kind of person we want for the unit (we are a historical reenactment group NOT a militia or antigovernment group and we will not tolerate anyone who is!!!!!).  After your probationary status, usually a year, two training sessions, or four events, whichever comes first, you will be voted on by the current membership and at which point you may become a full member and have voting rights within the unit.  Unit dues are paid upon successful completion of a membership application.  If you are interested in joining please contact our recruiter and he will get back to you ASAP.



This Hobby isn’t the cheapest.  The cost of a basic kit with weapon is about $1000.  With this being said please don’t purchase anything until you join, as our standards are very high and you may purchase an item that is not allowed for use in the 33rd Signal Construction Battalion Reenactors.  Please click on the links below to get an idea of what kind of uniforms and equipment you will be using in the 33rd.